90-Minutes A Day Will Transform Your Marketing….Transform Your Life!

A daily routine gives you…time for life and living your dreams — Dale Obrochta

  • Are you 35 to 37 years of age, an entrepreneur, and stressed that you don’t have enough clients?
  • Could you be more effective if a coach emailed you a training and accountability schedule to help you get more clients?
  • Are you capable of following a routine to transform your business and better your life?
A personal coach can motivate, energize, and excite you about achieving your dreams and reaching goals.


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“Dale’s routine is good, solid material! Not a get rich quick program, but a plan that will get you organized and, if followed, will definitely build your business and actually free up more of your time. I recommend it. ”
Dennis Regling, Educational Presenter



Dale has been successful for over 30-years in retaining clients and living the entrepreneur dream lifestyle.  He vacations with family, goes fishing in the morning, and dines with friends in the evening, and lives his dream life.  His routine removed the stress of mortgage payment while allowing him to buy more toys.

Dale will share with you his 90-minute routine.  This is the same routine he shares with his closest friends, and is now available to you.

Don’t be that fish out of the water. Take your business to the next level that you dream about and make it a reality.

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