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Thousands of entrepreneurs fail to grow their business each year because they don’t have a marketing strategy.

I have created marketing routine that will give you a major advantage over your competitors.

Let me give you of my step-by-step routine that will jump-start your business, excites clients and gives results that will improve your bottom line.

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Are you saying “YES”  to any of these questions?

  • Are you self-employed, an entrepreneur, and stressed that you don’t have enough clients?
  • Could you be more effective if a coach emailed you a training and accountability schedule to help you get more clients?
  • Are you capable of following a routine to transform your business and better your life?


  • Half the new startup business fail within the first 5-years.
     (source USA Today)
  • Advertising is cheaper and easier to reach more people
  • ScuessfuSuccessfules have a marketing strategery.

Truth Is

By investing a couple minutes a day, I can show you how you can accelerate your business with a marketing strategy to build a better business.

 Send Me The Step-by-Step Routine

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen?

Dale has been successful for over 30-years in retaining clients and living the entrepreneur dream lifestyle.  He vacations with family, goes fishing in the morning, and dines with friends in the evening, and lives his dream life.  His routine removed the stress of mortgage payment while allowing him to buy more toys. Dale will share with you his 90-minute routine.  This is the same routine he shares with his closest friends and is now available to you.

Don’t be that fish out of the water. Take your business to the next level that you dream about and make it a reality.Get the 90-minute routine that has been proven to achieve positive results and transfer your dreams into reality! – I want more freedom to do the things I love.


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