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An Easy Marketing Solution to Finding New Prospects

Each day I plop into my tattered pleather chair and look at my computer screen – who and what will I focus my marketing on today?  Many times I am just looking for a new connection, a new ear to bend, somebody who has a relationship or position that can land me that next sale.

Marketing to new clients is costly, time consuming, and leaves me feeling unfulfilled as hours go by gazing at websites and data mining directories for new contact names.

Today is not one of those days – I’m going to use one of the oldest forms of network marketing that has been around for centuries. It has helped people get a job, buy a house, get kids into schools and helped others reach a status that they could not achieve alone.  I’m talking about the college alumni connection.

I just completed a post on LinkedIn geared at marketing for award banquet entertainment, when I clicked Connection on the LinkedIn menu; a selection appeared … Find Alumni.

Click. Seconds later I am scrolling down a list of Governors State University alumni.  “Light bubble,” I hear Gru’s voice from Despicable Me echo in my head.

Then I realized that I have a personal connection with these people – 120 of them to be exact.  We may not have graduated in the same year, but we attended the same University.   I can now network from one alumnus to another.  So, my goal in the next 90 minutes is to network with these people and build a working relationship. I found my new marketing candidates at my fingertips today.

How are you spending your next 90 minutes marketing?  I found a way to do it … can you?